Drug Rehab

If you have a substance use disorder, change can seem impossible. With the help of a qualified New York drug rehab, however, you can receive the addiction treatment that you need.

Drug treatment programs in New York are filled with specialists who can assist you with a number of substance use problems. Whether you need help changing behavioral patterns or want assistance re-entering society, drug rehab programs can be an effective safe haven as you heal mentally and physically.

Millions of people need addiction treatment every year, but in 2009, only 11.2 percent of the people in need of treatment were cared for at a specialty facility. If you’d like to buck these statistics, you can jump-start your substance use journey with drug rehab. There are many types of treatments, ranging from inpatient to outpatient. You’re bound to find a treatment option that can provide you with the assistance you need to overcome your addiction.


Inpatient drug rehab

If you’re searching for addiction treatment in New York, consider the merits of an inpatient facility. With inpatient care, patients live at their chosen center for the duration of their treatment. This controlled environment provides patients with professional support around the clock. That 24-hour support can be a key factor in overcoming your addiction.

Before choosing an inpatient drug rehabilitation treatment facility, think about the preparations you’ll need to make. If you’re currently employed, you’ll need to discuss the decision to take time off with your employer. You’ll also need to contact your insurance provider and find temporary living arrangements for children if you have any living at home. Inpatient treatment can be extremely helpful, and it might be your first step on the path to recovery. However, it’s important to remember that it can affect the people around you, so you should involve friends and family members in the decision-making process. If you believe inpatient drug rehab treatment would be beneficial to you, contact us soon to learn more.

Your family members will be an important support system on your road to recovery. Inpatient drug rehab centers in New York and across the country understand how crucial family can be during this difficult process. That’s why most inpatient facilities allow patients to contact their loved ones. This contact may take the form of phone calls, designated visitation days, or even family counseling.

If you choose to check into an inpatient treatment facility, you’ll be carefully monitored by a team of professionals. Nurses and counselors do everything from providing medical care to leading group therapy sessions. This can help prevent relapse as you continue the recovery process.

After you’ve finished your stay in an inpatient rehab center, the treatment doesn’t have to end. Many patients receive addiction treatment after they’ve left their inpatient rehab facility. This can take on many forms and may involve check-ins with doctors to monitor your physical well-being. Ongoing addiction care also involves counseling sessions to discuss relapse prevention methods.

If you’re interested in drug and alcohol inpatient treatment in New York, speak live to one of our addiction specialists at (866) 271-2212 more information about treatment methods.

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Outpatient drug rehab

While inpatient drug treatment provides 24-hour assistance, outpatient drug rehab offers patients a more flexible treatment schedule. If you choose to enroll in an outpatient drug rehab program in New York, you may spend between 10 and 15 hours a week undergoing rehab sessions at a treatment facility.

There are many reasons why patients choose outpatient drug rehab rather than inpatient drug rehab. Many patients prefer the less demanding treatment schedule that allows them to continue working and spending time with friends and family. If you feel that your social support system is a fundamental component of your recovery, being able to go home to your family at the end of the day may be the best option for you. Outpatient drug rehab centers tend to schedule meetings in the morning or in the evening, which allows patients to go to work and maintain an ordinary schedule.
Outpatient drug treatment centers use a variety of methods to assist patients on their road to recovery. Cognitive behavioral therapy gives patients the tools they need to cope with their addiction, and family therapy can help families beset by drug use. Outpatient treatment facilities also provide assistance for young people. In 2013, over half of the new users of illicit drugs were teenagers. If you know a teenager in need of treatment, there are programs available that can provide them with the careful, thorough assistance they need.

Many outpatient facilities use group therapy methods, which gives patients the opportunity to share and learn with others who are struggling with drugs. Whether you need intensive treatment or something less rigorous, you can devise an outpatient treatment plan that works for your lifestyle and needs.


Is drug rehab right for me?

If you struggle with drug use and need professional assistance, drug rehab might be right for you.

Drug rehab facilities offer people grappling with addiction the opportunity to get better. From medical supervision to effective therapy, rehab gives patients the tools to recover and avoid relapse. Whether you choose inpatient or outpatient treatment, you’ll be better able to avoid the pitfalls of your addiction after you complete your drug rehab.

People considering drug rehab in New York should think about the impact their substance use is having on their life and the lives of their loved ones. If your issue is causing irreparable damage, you need to make a change. If you can’t control your drug use, you need professional assistance. Drug rehab in New York can help you begin the lifelong process that is drug addiction recovery. If you want to begin treatment, don’t delay. With the help of community groups, therapists, and doctors, you can learn to overcome your addiction.

Our addiction specialists can help you with your substance use disorder. Call us at (866) 271-2212 now!